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We're More Than Just A DJ Service, We're Entertainment!

RSP Entertainment has the essentials you need for a successful event...

Professional & flexible DJ, Karaoke & Video Jockey systems
- For 25 to 1000 people!
Dazzling Light Shows & Uplighting are also available
- Definitely a crowd pleaser
Two Music Sources (We Run Dual Laptops)
 - We use Laptops for quick music searches/song cueing!
Continuous music mix
- Mixing all the songs back to back without a break between songs
Wireless microphone
- Great to use up to ~ 300 ft for announcements, toasts, introductions, etc.
An appropriately dressed and friendly DJ (Duo pkg has an assistant)
- We also take / play requests and dedications
Quick & efficient setup / departure
        - As quick as 20 min setup / 15 min breakdown (small system)
        - Up to 1 1/2 hr setup & sound check / 45 min breakdown (The Big Show)
No hidden charges or fees
- The price we quote for your event is it, no strings attached!

Our DJs can be as interactive and upbeat, or as formal and background as you would like them to be.  You determine the type of atmosphere you want for your event and we'll supply you with the right DJ / KJ / VJ or Crowd Interactive DJ to fulfill your needs.

We Entertain For...

- School Events
- College Events
- Prom & After Proms
- Formals & Semi-Formals

- Weddings
- Reunions
- Private Parties
- Corporate Events

- Clubs
- Pool Parties
- Birthday Parties
- & Much Much More

Our Music Selection...

Composed of a wide variety of over 90,000 hits spanning
- Top 40's, Dance, Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Club, Today's Hottest Hits
         - Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Trap, Electro, Dubstep, Mashups
         - Alternative, Metal, Rock, Country, Oldies, Beach Music & more!
The music for every event is flexible upon request
         - The more info we have about your musical tastes, the better the mix will be
Song requests and dedications are also taken during the show
         - These will be played in an appropriate order throughout the event
Special song requests need to be addressed at least two weeks early
      - This will allow time for RSP Ent to gather the appropriate resources

Our clients hire us for a reason... they simply want great Entertainment!
(Want Proof? Check out our schedule and see all the return clients we have)

School dances are one of our specialties.  I, Roy Shannon Prusak, am one of the most crowd interactive DJs in Virginia, and Russell Prusak, also known as DJ Flex, is one of the best club DJs and beat blenders around!  We're both younger DJs, which allows us to keep in touch with the ever-changing new music charts.  We carry all of the hottest hits currently played on the radio and keep a non-stop, continuous mix flowing throughout the event.  Plus, all the songs played at school events such as Proms, Homecomings, Fall/Winter Balls and more are "Radio Edited" (meaning that the sponsors don't have to worry about Vulgar Language).  Group dances are a favorite at events like this; therefore, we usually gets on the dance floor with the wireless microphone to lead dances such as the:
                       - The Wobble
                       - Cat Daddy
                       - Dougie
                       - Cupid Shuffle
                       - Cha Cha Slide
                       - Electric Slide
                       - YMCA
                       - Tha Train
                       - & More... 

Places We've Performed...

College Events & Groups
- AKPsi (VT)
- Alpha Pi (VT)
- The German Club (VT)

- Circle K (VT)
- Delta Tau Delta (VT)
- Kappa Alpha Theta (VT)
- Mary Washington (Ring Dance)
- Phi Sigma Pi (VT)
- Pi Kappa Phi (W&L)
- RHF Field Day (VT)

- Sigma Ki (VT)
- Chi Omega (Roanoke)
- Pi Kappa Phi (Roanoke)

High Schools
- Auburn
- Cave Spring
- Christiansburg
- Craig County
- James River
- Lord Botetourt
- Northside
- Roanoke Catholic
- Roanoke Gov School
- Robert E. Lee
- Staunton River
- William Byrd
Middle Schools
- Central Academy
- Glenvar
- Read Mountain
- William Byrd

A Few HS & Middle School Guidelines We Follow...

We use clean radio edits but cannot do anything about students filling in the blanks

We will not play anything we feel is inappropriate for the evening or age group
We do not allow students back behind our table due to the amount of wiring on the floor and because it is mostly dark behind us
We will stop the music immediately if a disruption in the crowd develops. This includes rowdiness, throwing objects or anything we feel could injure someone

We will have a request book for the students to write their request on and we will try to play all of them (if appropriate of course).

We usually will not repeat songs just because someone got there late and it was their favorite. If we can work it in later in the evening we will try to accommodate

We DO NOT allow anyone to give a "shout out" to anyone in the crowd using our microphone for several reasons such as you never know what a teenager might say and screaming into a quality microphone will rupture the diaphragm of the mic!


        Throwing a birthday party, sports banquet, pool party or other special event? RSP Entertainment has party and karaoke packages to suite your needs. Don't think your event is too small to hire a DJ. We have packages that cover as little as 25 people or so, to larger packages that can rock the house all night long.
        Karaoke also tends to be a favorite at these types of events so be sure to ask if at all interested. Who knows, we may discover the next big music star at your event!

(Please see our Wedding Link for more information!)
        The special day has arrived and the last thing you need to worry about is hiring appropriate entertainment for your guests. RSP Entertainment has plenty of exciting and quality packages that would make any wedding reception successful. The DJ is always appropriately dressed in professional attire and the music selection is discussed with the bride, groom and associated planners well in advance of the wedding day. There are no last minute surprises when you hire RSP Entertainment for your wedding receptions.
        A Reception Planning Guide with helpful hints, tips and a traditional reception format is provided for those interested in hiring us for their big day. A face-to-face meeting to discuss your reception can also be arranged upon request. We are a professional service wanting to add that finishing touch to your special day.

        Throwing that end of the year picnic, holiday party or just having a friendly gathering for your employees? RSP Entertainment has the right DJ, VJ or Karaoke Package for you and your associates. Whether the event is held in an elegant hotel or in an open field by a lake, the entertainment you need is only a phone call away.

        Due to the particular needs being different for every club, prices vary accordingly depending on the amount of gear, time, and planning needed. The best way to determine a club rate is to deal with it on an individual basis. DJ Flex is one of the Best DJ's in Roanoke spinning everything from Dance, Trance, Hip-Hop, Trap, Dubstep, EDM, R&B, Rap, Rock, Metal, Country and more to the crowd's delight, so please call for more information.

Helpful hints on how to save money @ your party & get the entertainment you want!

        Your guests won't remember what the flowers looked like or how the food tasted, and many won't remember how the tables were decorated.  But they will remember if they had fun at your party or not!  Make it unforgettable, not just for you, but for them as well.

        Don't cut corners when it comes to your entertainment.  If you must, choose less expensive floral arrangements or decorations.  Instead of choosing fancy finger foods, consider having good food and plenty of it. Rather than having an open bar, have people pay for their drinks.  They're less apt to get inebriated, and your conscience will feel better.  What's all the decorations and food worth if everyone leaves due to poor entertainment?  Take care of what people will remember first... then sweat the details ;-).

Or feel free to e-mail or call for pricing & availability

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