My 1971 Ford Mustang Fastback!!!

Definitely One of My Pride and Joys!


And Now Some shots of my Newly Re-built Engine


Well that's all for now, and yes I know it needs a paint job bad, but we'll hopefully be able to work on it when I graduate w/ a Mechanical Engineering Degree and make the big bucks!  The engine has been re-built as you can see.  Anyhow here's a few specs for any of you who may be interested... and feel free to e-mail me at anytime if you'd like to comment on or have any questions about the car.


The Mustang's Specs and good stuff like that

~ 351 Cleveland Engine (~330 Horsepower)

~ 650 Holley Double Pumper

~ Tarantula Intake Manifold

~ Competition Cam

~ Hooker Headers

~ 2.75 Gear Ratio (I'll Hit 55mph in 1st GEAR!)

~ Sucks on gas though: ~ 13 MPG Highway Milage

~ Red Lines @ 6000 RPM's and will Probably Max 160mph

I haven't quite taken it that far yet... d:-)


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