Hello, my name is Kellen Williams and thanks for visiting my profile.  I go by DJ 11 and if you care to know why, ask me sometime, I'll be happy to tell you the story.  I am considered the "in house" DJ for the Woodland Place as Tommy & Karen Woods are family, so I obviously have a direct connection there!
        Don't let the family connection fool you however, I've always had a love for music and pleasing crowds of people ever since I could walk.  Shannon & Russell Prusak are long time buddies who realized my love for entertaining has only grown over the years and invited me to join the RSP Entertainment crew.
        I enjoy Deejaying for all types of events from Birthday parties to Weddings to exciting company parties.  I'm also very comfortable with event plans that change on the fly.  Due to our advance DJ system, we can stall or change direction of the event almost instantly so we'll always have your best interest in mind and your guests will never know the difference.  Did I mention I like to Dance?  Let's just say if the moment presents itself, I may even get out there with you and your guests to "Bust A Move" from time to time.

       Being that we try to keep the professional appeal here on the RSP Entertainment website, we tend to move our more personal and fun side to our own individual web pages.  Therefore, if you'd like to see my own Myspace page, check it out here: Kellen Williams - Facebook Page

       Thanks for visiting my profile once again and I hope we can make RSP Entertainment your DJ service of choice for your next event... Oh, and before you go, you can check out some of my videos below!

Caution The Sound Is VERY LOUD, please turn down speakers...
(Yes, it's low quality, but it lets you know DJ11 Is The Real Deal!)

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